Quick Review: DPFlashes Studios Clear Vision (17+)

Clear Vision (17+) puts you in the role of Tyler, a down on his luck supermarket worker that’s decided he’s finally had enough. After you get canned from the grocery store you decide to get a new job as a hitman which is a pretty big change of pace, to say the least. You’ll start your new career in a seedy little apartment where you’ll take on missions that are slipped under your door. The missions generally involve you shooting someone in the melon, but there are a few nice surprises thrown in along the way. The controls are simple as you basically just have to point and shoot, but Clear Vision (17+) gets challenging quickly when you have to start compensating for distance and wind. I was actually lulled into thinking the game was a bit too easy at first after I nailed half of the missions without missing a shot. Things changed pretty quick when I hit the stage with the Janitor though… that one took a lot of restarts and killed my stats. There are around 25 missions in the game to go along with 9 achievements. There may not be many extras, but a few of those achievements are going to be tough and fun to get. Assassinations aside there are a few other things you can do in the world of Clear Vision (17+). Your apartment not only gives you access to missions, but you’ll also be able to read up on your exploits in the newspaper and check on your stats. Outside of your apartment, you can access to a couple of areas as well with Bad Ben’s Weapons and Underground Boxing. The weapons shop has 5 rifles you can buy with your blood money while Underground Boxing lets you bet on street fights. The fights are animated and pretty funny although they are very repetitive. Clear Vision (17+) is slick sniper game that does things a bit differently with its quirky storyline and violent stickman deaths. My only knock on the game is that it’s not very lengthy, and it would be nice to have some additional underground boxing animations. That being said it’s still an awesome game and well worth your time.There’s a free version of the game you can check out called Clear Vision (12+), but the full version dubbed Clear Vision (17+) is really a steal at only a buck. You can find both versions of DPFlashes Studios Clear Vision on Google Play.


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