Quick Review – Flipboard for Android


There are countless ways to read the news on your Android device, and you can add another Android app to that list with Flipboard for Android. I’ve heard a lot about the popular app this week since it was released, and I thought it was time to sit down and give it a proper write up. Does Flipboard live up to the hype or should it be called Flopboard instead? Call it whatever you like, but at its core Flipboard is a newsreader. It’s sole purpose is to hook you up with your favorite news feeds, make them easy to read, and if it’s a great app it can even introduce you to new sources for your news. Flipboard does all of those things, and it does them very well. The layout is the first thing you’ll notice; the app has a nice clean feel and navigating is a breeze. Navigating through the menus, news sources and stories is done through making a flipping motion up and down on your screen and that little flipping motion helps make the app what it is. The app comes preloaded with plenty of news sources, buy you can easily add your own through the apps search function. It found every site I looked for on the first try which is something other apps have struggled with. Another cool feature is the ability to add Facebook & Twitter to your Flipboard so you can stay up to date on everything that matters. There are a slew of cool features and little things that make this app different from the rest, and you’ll notice them fairly quickly when you download and start playing around with the app.


I’ve been using Pulse for ages now, and am honestly thinking about making the switch to Flipboard after giving it a run on my Galaxy II. I love the layout, and the way you “flip” through the pages really sold me on the app. I didn’t have any issues using it and everything ran well, but I am a bit disappointed I can’t use this on my tablet yet. If you’re looking for a solid news readers Flipboard definitely fits the bill and is definitely worth a look. If you’d like to check it out, you can pick up Flipboard on Google Play for free.


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