Quick Review – Hippo Adventure for Android


It seems as if each week another animal gets to star in its own Android game, and this week we’re going to take a look at one involving a Hippo. Hippo Adventure from Okigames lets you help a poor little Hippo through scores of challenges as he tries to make his way back home in.

Hippo Adventure is a puzzle game that has you remove certain blocks on the playing field in order to “roll” the Hippo towards its house on each level. The blocks are made from different materials like grass, ice, and wood; some of the blocks have different properties which will either help or hinder you along the way. If you hit the house with the hippo you’re good to go, but if you hit the angry red block or fall of the screen you’re toast. As the game progresses more objects will be added and the difficulty will definitely increase. There are plenty of levels in Hippo Adventure as well; the free version gives you 21 levels while the full version gives you 84 levels with more coming soon.


While the gameplay is definitely not new or groundbreaking, Hippo Adventure is still quite a bit of fun. The graphics are crisp and colorful while the levels themselves vary and become quite challenging in latter levels. As my niece also pointed out, it’s nice to be able to select between girl hippos or boy hippos as well lol. Hippo Adventure is a nice casual time-killer that people young or old should enjoy; both versions of the game can be found in the Android market.


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