Quick Review – iDatank for Android


iDatank is one of those Android games that you just have to play for yourself to get, but I’m going to take a crack at breaking it down for you guys. It’s dubbed a Space Exploration RPG game, and while that doesn’t exactly do it justice it works good enough to give you an idea of what to expect from the game.

When you start up the game there is a tutorial level that I’m going to recommended you not skip; it’s not the most enlightened tutorial but it will give you the basics. In a nutshell, you’ll basically travel around a cool looking spherical 3-D planet in your little tank bot, following the radar, collecting crystals, and killing enemies. Your gun auto-fires so really you just need to drive to get the crystals so you can charge the portal and jump to the next world. As you kill enemies you’ll get points that are used to buy perks which upgrade and modify your weapons and abilities. iDatank give gamers 26 levels , 51 perks and modifications, and 5 upgradable weapons. There are also three different control schemes which is great as some people might find the robot tricky to control.


Starting out iDatank isn’t the easiest or most exciting game you’ll play, but if you stick with it you might find that iDatank is a game that slowly grows on you. It took me a minute to get the hang of the controls, and actually figure things out but once I did I ended up playing the game for awhile before giving it a rest. I like the layout and theme of the game as a whole, but do think there needs to be better instructions as some people might not “get” the game. There are free and paid versions of iDatank available; both can be found for download in the Android market.


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