Quick Review: Infinity Space from Codi Games

What happens when you cross a running game with a spaceship? You get Infinity Space from Codi Games. It’s part runner, part space exploration game, and it’s quite a bit of fun. Infinity Space puts you at the helm of a spaceship with the goal of seeing how far you can go into space before crashing. It’s an open world type of game meaning you can go in any direction you choose and you’re not confined to a path of any kind. As you’re flying around out there you’ll want to collect any gems you come across and stay away from destructive things like black holes and meteorites. You can get a shield of sorts, but starting out your basically helpless and one hit will do you in. All the gems you collect in the game can be used in the Hanger to boost things like radar, engines, and turbo. The upgrade prices seem to be reasonable from what I’ve seen if you want to charge up your ship, and there are also three “items” in the hangar that are actually in-app purchases. You can buy packs of extra lives, head starts, and some kind of Diamond bonus power-up. The IAP’s are about a buck a piece, and I’m not actually sure what the last two do, but the extra lives pack would definitely come in handy. I wasn’t sure what to make of Infinity Space at first, but it slowly grew on me. You constantly have to keep your ship on the move and the graphics have a fun, cartoony feel that’s easy on the eyes. It also doesn’t hurt that you can fly around in a faux Millennium Falcon if you earn enough to unlock it. There are a few ads here and there, but the game is free and the few IAP’s that are present aren’t required to play the game. Overall, I would have to say its game worth looking into if you’re into space games or are looking for a new take on the whole “endless” genre. You can pick up Codi Games Infinity Space for free on Google Play.

Infinity Space


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