Quick Review: Mr. WARP from Tatsuya Koyama

One of the joys of this job is finding cool little games floating around Google Play, and Mr. WARP from Tatsuya Koyama certainly fits that bill. Touch is Warp, and Warp is Attack. Curious? Read on…

Mr. WARP is an interesting quick play game with a very simple premise. Touch to Warp, and Warp to Attack. The game consists of the hero Mr. WARP and swarms of odd little beings; if you touch one you’ll lose a life, but you can “Warp” through them to take them down. They’ll also shoot at you in later stages… pretty tough. All you need to do to warp is touch anywhere on the screen and Mr. WARP will zip right over to that position leaving a trail in his wake. As you play presents will randomly pop up on the screen, this gives you access to the game’s power-up section where you can snag a few upgrades. There are only four boosts, but they are very handy to have. I’ve yet to figure out exactly what the Camera Speed one does, but it seems to invoke some sort of gravity pool… I think.  Mr. WARP has three modes of play with tutorial mode, normal and crazy modes.

Mr. WARP is a slick little Indie that’s as quirky as anything I’ve played, and twice as cool. That’s saying a lot, I play a lot of quirky games.  The graphics and music mesh together perfectly, and most importantly it’s a lot of fun. It’s also refreshing to see a game with no ads, no suspicious permissions, and no In-app purchases. If you’re looking to try something a bit different (and a little retro) I highly recommend checking out Mr. WARP. You can pick up Tatsuya Koyama’s Mr. WARP for free on Google Play.


Tatsuya Koyama


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