Quick Review: Razor Salvation THD for Android

Want to save the World? How about some Cheerleaders? You can actually do both in a new Android game by the name of Razor Salvation THD. This stationary shooter puts you into the action in a dropship where you’ll have to kill the Xenos and protect the civilians. Razor Salvation takes place in a world overrun by the Xenos which is some sort of infected zombie alien type of thing. You’ll start each level in a dropship which means you can’t actually move, but you can pan left to right and up & down to kill the baddies. It’s basically like you’re in a big stationary turret with a ton of weapons which isn’t a bad thing by any means. I only played through a few levels, but you basically see how long you can last by killing things which in turn keeps the civilians safe. There are 6 weapons in the game and none have to be unlocked which is a nice touch for a change. You can upgrade all your weapons as well as your dropship, but ammo is limited on some weapons so keep an eye out for glowing crates. There’s another section of upgrades that lets you change the hazmat guy skins and you can unlock bikini girls and cheerleaders with medals earned through gameplay or bought in the shop. A few other things to note is Stereoscopic 3D with a hookup to a 3D HDTV, wireless controllers support, and destructible environments. Razor Salvation THD is a cool little shooter, but I’m not completely sold on it yet. I only spent a brief time with the game but there seems to be only 4 areas, and while the areas objectives for the areas change it may get old a little quick for some gamers. Overall it is a solid, great looking shooter it just doesn’t have a lot of depth. If you’ve got a device capable of running it you can pick up Blowfish Studios Razor Salvation THD for $2.03 on Google Play.


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