Quick Review – Shadow Cave: The Escape

We’ve covered game maker Artbit in the past for their efforts on the wickedly fun Shane Reaction, and now we’re looking at an older title of theirs called Shadow Cave: The Escape. There aren’t any zombies in this one, but it does a moody unique setting just like Shane Reaction… Shadow Cave: The Escape takes you on a journey through dark & mysterious caves and your only goal is to escape. You’ll basically trace a path through the caves with your finger and your little character represented by a ball of light will follow along behind you. It actually starts out pretty easy, but it doesn’t take long before you encounter deadly traps and gear driven devices that can help or hinder you along the way. There’s even a “big boss” battle at the end, and true to the title he’s pretty damned big. There are only 9 caves in chapter 1 of Shadow Cave: The Escape which makes the game very short, but a chapter 2 has been promised as coming soon although I have no clue when that will be as the game was released late last year and has been updated 4 since with no Chapter 2.


The game may be short, but I really enjoyed what Artbit Games is trying to do with Shadow Cave and look forward to the next chapter when it arrives. You can tell the game is definitely inspired by games like Limbo and Coma, but it still manages to stay original and has a style all its own. Artbit Games is 2 for 2 in my book, and I can’t wait to see what they come up with next. If you’re looking to try something a bit different I highly suggest you check this one out. You can pick up Shadow Cave: The Escape for free on Google Play.  


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