Quick Review: Sony SDNA’s Motiongraph for Android

SDNA Motiongraph

Photo Apps are always popular and Sony Digital Network Applications or SDNA for short has put out some nice ones over the past few years. Motiongraph is the latest and greatest from the developers at SDNA and if you’re looking for an Android app to “Wow” your friends Motiongraph might just be the thing for you.SDNA motiongraph

Motiongraph is an app that creates unusual pictures that move like a video. The pics it makes are similar to those animated gif’s you see all over the web, but much, much cooler. Using Motiongraph is simple as well and the app will have you making killer moving pictures in a few easy steps. When you find the magic you want to capture you just hit a button to take a quick 2-second video before going to the editing room where you’ll be able to fine tune your masterpiece. You can adjust settings like playback speed, and focus. You can also reduce “jitter” in the photo; very handy if you’ve got unsteady hands like mine.

Another cool feature is the ability to view others creations which are broken down into categories like Artistic, Surprise, Soothing, and Creepy. Some users have really done a bang up job with their creations, and there are some very cool ones that utilize mirrors so keep an eye out for those.  Others… are not so hot, but pretty funny as a couple of folks made themselves look like Spongemonkey the Quizno’s mascot. Last but not least, you can share your creations with others that use the app or through the usual means of Facebook, Twitter, etc..

Motiongraph is a slick little app that does exactly as advertised. It does take a minute to get the swing of things, but before long you’ll be able to do some crazy (or creepy) stuff  with your pics. I thought it was interesting to see other people’s creations as well; it gives you some great ideas and you’ll definitely get a few laughs out of it. The app ran like a champ on my phone, but I did feel like the whole loading/sharing video thing was a little ‘overdone’ and tends to slow things down more than is necessary. Still a fun app though and it does a great job at making trippy pictures once you figure out what it can and can’t do. There’s no demo version of the app at this time, but the full version of Sony digital network Applications Motiongraph is a deal at only $0.99 on Google Play.




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