Review: ETSY Android App

OverviewEtsy for Android

As we reported a few days ago, ETSY released their official app and as promised we’re back with a full review of the ETSY Android app.

If you’re not familiar with ETSY here’s the skinny. ETSY is a cool little site that lets crafty people sell their wares in shops. You can find anything from Yoda’s made out of Macramé to bottle cap earrings and 3000 dollar oil paintings. You can also find vintage goods as well as, but all vintage items have to be at least 20 years old. Needless to say ETSY is full of cool stuff, and the ETSY Android app lets you browse and buy.

FeaturesETSY Andriod App Screen

The ETSY app is easy to navigate with the sites top-tier categories spread across the top along with a search button and your shopping cart. The featured sections are scrollable and cover items from different categories including gadgets, wedding, seasonal, kids, and supplies among others. The search tab lets you search the entire site and gives you access to all the categories.

If you see something you like you can put it in your cart, heart it or share it through the usual means. You can also browse users shops and save or follow any shops you really dig. ETSY is a pretty social site as far as sharing and favoriting things goes and the app handles all that nicely. If you do want to shop or save anything you will need an account, but they are free and easy to setup. Selling on the site is cheap as well and setting up a shop is free if you’re looking to sell crafted or vintage items.

VerdictETSY Android app

As a longtime ETSY user I’ve been looking forward to an official app for a while now. The app has a nice layout and it’s simple to use, overall they did a great job and I believe that consumers will really enjoy the app. I did have a few hiccups browsing photos at times, but nothing major.

If you’re a seller like me you can browse your stock, but that’s about it unfortunately which sucks. As the app was just released hopefully they’ll add something for sellers in the future. The app is itself is solid though, and if you’re looking for cool stuff ETSY has you covered. You can pick up the official ETSY Android app for free on Google Play.


ETSY for Android


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