Rocket Weasel – Android Game Review


It’s a bird… It’s a plane… It’s Rocket Weasel? If you’re like me you probably didn’t know Weasels liked to zip around on rockets. Thanks to the folks at Freeze Tag Games you’ll get to find out just how fun it is to be a rocket wearing Weasel in their aptly titled Android game Rocket Weasel.


Apparently Mr. Weasel is a school teacher and some of his students were captured when a midnight outing to hunt chickens takes a bad turn. Your job is to help Mr. Weasel free his students from the farmers cages and you’ll do that by firing yourself towards your pupils. It’s a physics-based game so you’ll launch your weasel by touching and dragging a trajectory towards your target. The longer you drag the arrow out the arrow the longer you’ll fly, but you’ll need to be careful as there are plenty of obstacles standing between you and your students and some cages are harder to reach than others. You’ll be confronted by porcupines, hanging weights, and other contraptions, but you will get a little help from bouncy sheep, blowing warthogs along with several other helpful farm animals.


Rocket Weasel offers gamers 64 gorgeous levels set across 4 different worlds. The game runs off the 3-star 3-chicken system where you’ll be able to pick up 3 chickens on every level that you can use to unlock the next world. There are also 4 different types of rockets to help you jet around; I’ve only managed to unlock the parachute rocket so far, but assume the other two have special abilities as well. The 64 levels coupled with Openfeints 27 achievements and leaderboards help to make Rocket Weasel a deep game, and there are more levels on the way.


Graphically Rocket Weasel is super-slick; the characters and animations all look great as do the backdrops. The gameplay is top-notch as well and some of the levels can be quite tricky to work through. The only area I’d like to see adjusted involves finger placement when you’re setting up your trajectory to fire. It would be nice to have a little “wiggle room” around the area where you place your finger to adjust your shot, but it’s not a deal breaker by any means. The game as whole is awesome and very polished throughout; it’s also a good family friendly game that anyone can play. There is a free version of Rocket Weasel available to check out or you can pick up the full version for only $0.99.


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