Snapchat App Review

snapchatThere are plenty of apps out there today that allow you to seamlessly chat with your friends but sometimes don’t you wish there was an app out there that allowed you to have fun while doing it without your messages being seen by other people? Snapchat is the newest craze is instant messaging.

How it works?

Snapchat is the easiest and the quickest way to share a memorable moment with your friends to date. All you have to do is simply set up a timer and send your message! You can snap pictures with captions on it and the best part is, you control just how long your friends have to view it. You can collect points while using Snapchat, build on relationships and you can view who your best friends are that you chat with the most.


Snapchat is quick and reliable. While typical messaging and other chat apps can take forever to send your message or sometimes may fail, not sending any messages at all, Snapchat is nearly instant and effortless.
The app is easy to use, easy to setup and runs smooth. It’s a really fun and addicting app that may interfere with school, work or a boring date.
You can determine how long a message is able to be seen by your friends before it’s gone forever. No more accidentally leaving your phone unattended and someone reading a message that you didn’t want to. Once a message is gone after the specified timer, it’s gone forever.
Snapchat provides a new catchy way to chat with pictures. While snapping a picture to capture a moment and share with your friends is fun, Snapchat allows you to add your own thoughts to the moment as well when sharing them with your friends.
It’s very fast compared to a lot of chat applications and way faster than standard messaging. There are other apps out there such as KiK or various messengers but not a lot of them compare to the delivery time that Snapchat has.
There’s also a front camera feature for those who have devices with a camera attached to the front of the device.


While all messages are deleted from Snapchat’s primary servers once the message is gone forever, there’s no guarantee that your friend or the recipients of a message aren’t recording or capturing a screenshot of the message. There’s honestly no way to avoid this.
Some users have reporting trouble with the login servers saying they had to login every time they sent a message.
Although rare, the app doesn’t give you a notification that a snap doesn’t send or has failed to been delivered to the recipients.
Android users have reported that the video feature isn’t available for Android devices.
Some users have complained that the data usage of the video feature is very high and should be used with caution depending on your data plan.
While not confirmed, other Android users have stated that the app is almost broken in a lot of areas such as status updates, sending and receiving and video’s that they’ve received not being available.

Final Analysis:

Snapchat is a seamless way to chat with your friends in a new and engaging way. While the developers are still working out little kinks and bugs which are mainly being experienced by Android users, the app itself is a great app and is insanely addicting once you figure the app out. It’s great being able to chat with your friends about anything you want, have fun doing it and knowing that no one else but you will have seen the messages.


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