Songza Android App Review

songza2Songza is a free music recommendation and streaming service. The playlists of the service are developed by music experts and it recommends different playlists that vary on the basis of the time, activity or mood. It offers playlists for different activities like walking, workouts, entertainment, sleeping and commuting among others.

How it works?

You can sign into Songza with your Facebook account or by directly signing up for an account. Then, you could enter their Music Concierge that allows you to choose music according to your mood, activity or the time of the day. It would itself display the time of the day, and once you select a theme, it is going to ask for a genre to match the earlier parameters.


Whether you are relaxing, working, exercising or running, Songza can play the perfect music at any time. There are many things in the favor of this app. Google Play has awarded it the Editors Choice award. It is available for free without any limitations on listening.

You could enjoy any moment the special Music Concierge of the app and can instantly find the perfect music suitable to that situation. You could browse through the playlist that is arranged by genre, activity, mood and decade. There are thousands of playlists, which are designed by music experts.

Songza also allows users to save their favorite playlists and share them on Twitter, Facebook or even on email. It has a sophisticated artist search feature that would display all the playlists from the performer while meeting all the other criteria of mood, activity and time.

songza2This app seems to have an AI working behind it. When you start playing your playlists, the very first song would be about the artist that you looked for in the first place. This means that there is no need to wait for the song from your favorite artist.

The Songza HQ Audio feature based on Audyssey is simply amazing. This is a software designed for improving the sound quality of headphone without affecting the streaming bit rate. When you plug the headphones, you would be prompted to choose the audio profile. This app supports more than 200 models of headphones.

Songza can also install a special audio profile for improving the overall listening experience. The streamed tunes sound fuller with this feature activated. If your headphones are notsupported, send a request to Audyssey and they could support it in near future.

Another positive to Songza is that it makes it easier to play playlists than ever before. All you have to do is to tap and hold any category, and it is going to steam the playlist. More active music selectorscan just shake their iPhone on the Concierge screen and tell the app their mood so that it could find the right music to play.


One of the things that more users have wanted in Songza is that it must be provided with the controls for the thumbs up and down for the lock screen. This would enable users to pause, review and fast forward without the need to unlock again and again.

Final Analysis

Songza is innovative and unique in itself. If you are serious about finding an app that doesn’t require you to toil to create the perfect playlist for the occasion, it is a must have for you.


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