SoundHound App Review

soundhoundHow many times has a song or music track come to your mind and you were without any solution to find what song it was? This occurs to almost everyone. SoundHound is a powerful app designed for use on your phone or tablet.

How it works?

SoundHound is an app that works as a music recognition system. You could have any music and it is going to help you find recognize and find you the song. It is one of the fastest music recognition systems you could find.


SoundHound is the only humming and singing recognition system in your hands. Its Live Lyrics feature helps you see the lyrics move along with the music. This makes it easy for anyone to sing their favorite song along with the track without making any mistakes.

The app also provides real-time updates from Twitter and Facebook from your favorite music artists. It is also possible to share the tracks with your friends. There are more than a hundred million fans and users for this astonishing and ground breaking app.

You could also purchase YouTube videos, links and lots of other favorite stuff in the app.

SoundHound is the winner of a number of global awards and recognitions. It has time and again been termed as one of the top apps of its kinds in the leading media. It has won the BILLBOARD Music App Award for the Best Music Engagement App.

There are many features that make SoundHound the app that it has come to become. It can change the audio settings to ensure that the audio recording is performed at the optimal level. This means that the app records the humming and singing without any disturbances.

Its search functions are based on GPS location system. This helps in enhancing the search results and remembering where the search took place. This gets fed into the memory and could be extracted.

SoundHound relies on an internet connection to communicate with the servers for its comprehensive searches.


Recently, users have reported that SoundHound needs to be updated with some of its features. Beyond this concern, it has remained as the most stunning app for those who have had always wanted to find their favorite and forgotten tracks.

Final Analysis

SoundHound is one of a kind music recognition app that has recently been optimized for tablets as well. All you have to do is to hum or sing the music or song respectively and it is going to provide you the precise track.

The app would mute its audio if there is a phone call in between. The developer has made many new changes to SoundHound in its latest version. It comes with better sharing on Facebook. There are many fixes for bugs, and improved application for tablets.

SoundHound is now optimized for large to medium tablets. It has visually appealing interface that makes music search a pleasant experience. You could explore albums, artists and charts, and share on your Twitter or Facebook account. The app also makes it possible to buy any songs of your choice with just a few taps.


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