Spirit HD for Android – The Review


I’m always on the prowl for unique Android games, and Spirit HD is about as unique as you can get. It was a hit when it came out on the iPhone & iPad last year, and it looks like Developer Marco Mazzoli and publisher Jakyl are going to have a hit on Android as well. It has some very slick Retro graphics, and a great soundtrack to boot. After spending some time with the game, here’s what I thought about Spirit…


You’re not going to use guns, rockets or any other form of conventional weapon in Spirit; you’re going to take your enemies down by forming little black holes. You’ll use your finger to trace a circle around your enemies in order to take them down, and Spirit HD uses relative movement ensuring that your fingers won’t be in the way. Once the black hole forms, you’re good to go and can move on to ensnare the next batch of baddies. The more enemies you take down, the higher your score will be, and you can pull off links & combos to increase your score.


There are 3 different modes of play in Spirit HD with Classic, Extreme and Pulse modes. Classic is the normal “straight up” version of the game, while Extreme mode is the amped up version of Classic mode. Pulse mode on the other hand, is a bit different. In Pulse mode, you’ll have to hit glowing orbs to open the black holes instead of circling your enemies. When I got frustrated with Classic mode, it was a nice change to switch over to Pulse mode and take a breather. There is also a brief tutorial explaining the game along with a scoreboard, but that’s about it for the extras.


Spirit HD has killer graphics, an awesome soundtrack, and solid gameplay. It ran like a dream on my Captivate, and the screen size vs. control scheme didn’t bother me at all. Spirit HD is a very polished game, and I’ve had a blast playing it so far. I would highly recommend you check it out in the market where you can get the paid version for a steal at $1.98.


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