Strain Your Brain with River Test Trilogy from Solverlabs


I’ve always enjoyed Android games that really test my brain, and make my friends look like idiots. There are a few great ones out there that cover both of those areas, and the latest one I’ve tried was a little game called The River Test Trilogy from Solverlabs. Is it graphically intense? Not by any means, but it is intensely puzzling depending on your logic skills…

River Test Trilogy is the story of one Irish guy who has horrible luck crossing rivers. The game itself is broken down into three parts; Getting Rich, Getting Girlfriend, and Getting A Family. In Getting Rich: Getting the Nuggets Across you’re given three men and three sacks of money in different denominations one on side of the river. You have to get them all across with their cash, but the men don’t trust each other so therein lies the rub. I’m not going to go into the conditions for getting them across, but I’ll say it’s not so simple and it’s the easiest of the three tests. In the second test dubbed Jealous Husbands you also have to get people across a river, but this time its couples and the women can’t be trusted alone without their husbands. Last but not least, in the third and final test you’ve got to transport two parents, four kids, a cop and a criminal across to the other side; needless to say they have some issues with each other as well and you’ve got another set of rules to follow. All the levels have a timer, but that’s just to see how long it takes you so don’t worry having a set amount of time to finish the game.



River Tests Trilogy is a tough little puzzler that can be figured out, but not very quickly by most of the population. I managed to get through two of them (not going to tell you how long it took), but am stuck on the third for now lol. While the game didn’t make me feel like the village idiot, it did make me feel a little dumb and confounded 90% of my friends as well. River Test Trilogy is a great way to confound yourself along with your buddies, and you can pick it up for free in the Android Market.


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