Swingworm – Android Game Review


The developers over at 10tons ltd. have given us some great Android games over the past year with Joining Hands, Grim Joggers, and Sparkle. Well, it looks like they’ve just added another solid title to their lineup with a little game called Swingworm.


Swingworm lets players control a worm named Swingy who just wants to hand out and climb trees in the forest. The problem with this is a berry hoarding Big Bug and his spiky minions who are out to stop you from climbing the tallest tree in the forest. No worries though as Swingy is pretty flexible, and you’ll used his flexibility to swing around the levels while you collect berries and try to make it to the elevator at the end of each level. The controls are simple and quite a bit of fun; the head and tail of Swingy attach to objects and you’ll use this method of flick/moving his head or tail to get him around the forest. As mentioned your goal for each level is to collect a set amount of berries as quickly as possible, so you may want to pan around the level when you start to get an idea of the layout and where the berries lie.


The difficulty comes into the game with obstacles like spiky objects, ice, moving platforms, and snow; these little inconveniences make it hard for Swingy to move and get the best time. You’ll get plenty of chances to hone your swinging skills as Swingworm comes with around 90 levels set across six different episodes and three different areas. The levels are unlocked by using gold berries, and while you only start out with 15 of them more can be had by completing Tap Joy offers. You may be able to earn some by playing as well, but so far I haven’t been able to pick any up yet. In the options departments there are some achievements to unlock and the game has an option for multiple profiles. The multiple profile option is always nice to have as it sucks to have someone mess up your progress when your showing them a game.


Overall, Swingworm is a nice quick-play physics game that has unique gameplay and colorful graphics. There’s quite a bit of depth with large level count, and while you do have to deal with the in-app setup it’s not that bad as I was able to unlock the whole game by doing 4-5 of Tapjoy’s “game install” offers. It’s still a bit of a pain to install/uninstall games I don’t really care for, but it’s better much  paying a buck an episode like some games do. Either way, Swingworm is a solid game that’s definitely worth checking out. You can grab 10tons Swingworm in the Android market for free.


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