Toddler Lock – Protection and Fun in One App

You have no idea (unless you have kids) how much children want cell phones. I’m not talking about the tweens and teenagers who beg their parents for phones. I’m talking about the toddlers and other little ones who take one look at your phone and think it’s the most amazing thing in the world. Perhaps they take your phone when you look away or maybe you think, “What’s the big deal? They’re only two what harm could they possibly do?” Well I tell you, that could be the last statement you utter before you lose your contacts, reset your phone, or God forbid that long forgotten number of your ex still on your phone. That’s where the handy app appropriately named Toddler Lock comes in to save the day.

It very simply disables your phone from doing anything detrimental to itself. The screen blanks out as soon as you load the program and then a fun filled screen of colors, shapes, drawings, and sounds appear to entertain your child. You can actually draw shapes on the screen, tap it to have different shapes and colors appear, all with very soft sound effects to keep your child occupied indefinitely.

There is even an added option to enable Airplane Mode to further disable the phone just in case and the sound if it should be troublesome. The app has an interesting way to unlock itself which is by touching only the 4 corners of the screen in sequence or by pressing a certain series on your keypad (not required for the app).

So to make a long story short if you want a way to keep your phone safe short of your child dropping it in the toilet then this is the app for you.


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