Traffic Jam Android App Review

Whether you like puzzles or wasting time on puzzles, Traffic Jam Free is sure to consume much of your time, but it is a pretty fun app. Designed by JiuzhangTech Ltd, the object of the game is transport a specific vehicle across a map to an exit. The catch is there are other cars and objects blocking the exit requiring you to move each object around until you get a straight path to the end. There are three different themes, but essentially it is the same game. The three themes include Car park, Ice block, and Plain block. Car Park is probably my favorite theme because it is most similar to an actual traffic jam. There are 5000 different levels and each ensuing level is harder than the previous level.

I remember playing a similar game online when I was younger so it was kind of awesome to find the same game in the Android Marketplace. At first the game is pretty addicting but the game becomes repetitive over time, even though every new level becomes slightly harder. I would probably rate the game 3 stars out of 5. It’s the type of game that would keep a little kid occupied for a while on a long car trip, and it did provide me with some entertainment for a few hours.

Get Traffic Jam here

Since this is the free version, there are ads on the top of the game, but nothing too obtrusive. The paid version does not contain ads and has more premium features coming out (not sure what exactly that implies, though).


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