Vector Review: Running from the Man has never been this Fun…

Some running games have you run through the jungle while others take a far more different approach. Vector from Nekki falls into the latter category, and it’s one of the more intense running games that we’ve come across. Vector takes place in a dystopian future where everyone’s a mindless sheep working for the man. You take control of an office worker who has finally had enough and decides to make a break for it… straight out the window. Luckily the hero of this tale is a skillful free runner with a bag full of tricks and very quick feet. The controls are as simple as it gets as you’ll swipe up to jump and down to slide. As you’re running and jumping through the grey world of Vector you’ll notice trick icons, bonus cubes, and cash. The bonus cubes & cash help you out with your score and in the shop, but the trick icons are where the actions at. Whenever you hit one of these you can swipe up to pull off the proper trick if you have it unlocked. Each level requires you to complete a certain set of tricks to get the perfect 3-star score. Vector also has a surprising amount of depth to go with its slick artistic style. You’ll get to run through 40 levels in the deluxe version which includes three different areas with downtown, the construction yard, and technology park. As for the tricks there are around 20, and some of them are pretty nuts like the screwdriver and double kong. You can also buy a few gadgets and clothing; the clothing’s a nice little touch as it gives your shadowy runner a bit of color. Vector is a cool running game with a unique style and premise that helps set it apart from the pack. The controls are simple enough that anyone can play, and while the levels are challenging the balance is just right as you keep coming back for more. If you’re a fan of the running genre, Vector is a game you need to check out. The free version of the game gives you around 20 levels to try while the Deluxe version gives you all 40 tracks and kills the ads for only a buck. Both version of Nekki’s Vector are available to download on Google Play.



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