WaveSecure android app is a solid one stop solution for the security of your android device

Losing a phone brings in frustration and its share of costs. Apart from hunting for additonal funds for purchasing a new device, there are notional costs too, in terms of time spent in bringing the new phone to ‘pre-lost’ levels of old phone and sometimes, revelation of important info and data to the thief  and by the thief to others. Ah! that’s really painful but it all gets easy if you had made one wise decision, installing a WaveSecure app, that is gladly available for every android phone, OS version no bar. Lets see it!

WaveSecure is really a cool All-In-One (AIO) app that lets you protect your data and info with minimum steps and simple interface. It has following decent and very compelling features.

Easy Backup and Restore

WaveSecure Backup WaveSecure Restore

Backup you call logs, contacts and SMS remotely on WaveSecure server which can be easily accessed through browser anytime anywhere. Moreover, with the latest version, you can backup your photo and video files too. That apart, Restore is as easy as it can get. Just visit WaveSecure website and follow some quick steps in your account to restore data to your new phone, or old phone if you are lucky enough to have it back.

Lock and Secure your phone

WaveSecure Lock

Don’t wanna let the thief have access to personal data and contacts, just lock the phone remotely and if the app detects a sim change, it will lock the phone down automatically. Plus, you can set a alarm remotely to buzz the nearby users and increase the chances of recovering your phone. Good luck here!

Track and Locate

You may also wanna find out the location of your phone, when it is stolen or more often when you forget and wonder where the hell I put it. Either way, the app will send the details of location via SMS to your buddy’s mobile no, that you have fed to it when setting it up or simply send you the location on the map. Cool, isn’t it?

Wipe the data

WaveSecure Website Layout details

So after all those efforts, you are sure that you will not have your baby back, but wanna make sure the data is adequately protected, just steer your browser to the WaveSecure website and remotely instruct the app to delete your contacts, call logs, messages, photos, videos and other data on your SD card.

Uninstall protection

You installed the app and feel satisfied with the hi-tech security arrangement you have made, but suddenly a thought from your mischievous mind stirs you up with worries. What if somebody simply uninstalls the app? And if have things his/her way? Don’t panic, since an add-on is available for the app specifically for the app which serves as protection for the app. And don’t worry about the add-on too, since app is gonna take care of it.


It is obvious that the app is must have and you surely have one in your apps menu. But did we tell you the price? Well, here comes the only ‘not-so-cool’ part of this review. It cost you dearly at $19.90 per year but you can still convince yourself that it is only $1.66 per month, which may be very worthy, depending on your habits of losing a phone.

This is it as regards WaveSecure. Do let us know in comments, how was your experience with the WaveSecure on your android phone.


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