Zumobi’s Automobile Magazine Android App Review

Are you a car enthusiast? Do you still purchase those printed automobile magazines? Well, you might want to check out this new Android app – Automobile Magazine Android app. Developed by popular app developer Zumobi, Automobile Magazine is a beautiful digital magazine Android app that provides you with various information about the people, history, engineering, and general business of cars and the automobile industry.

First thing you’d appreciate about this app is the main menu screen with the six options that you can tap on to access the different parts of the digital magazine. The six options were laid out on a background the looks like a car dashboard. You simply tap on each of these options to view the different sections of the magazines. These options include the following:

  • Driven – contains car reviews
  • Rumors – all the latest car news
  • Features – contains driving adventures, four season tests, awards, etc.
  • Videos – watch video contents featured by the magazine
  • Photos – contains different car photos
  • Subscribe – subscription to the digital magazine for full access to the content

All contents provided by the Automobile Magazine Android app can be shared via email. What’s so nice about this Android app is the fact that is gives you quick access to the different contents of the magazine. The contents load fast just like the way you drive a car and shift form one gear to another.

Automobile Magazine for Android is available as a free download from the Android Market. If you dig cars, this Android app is for you.


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