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Roamer is a free Android app designed to help you save money when travelling. Well, how can that be possible, you may ask?

This cool Android app (free of charge, mind you) works by helping cutting your smartphone bill, both in terms of calls and data traffic; a neat feature which is especially useful when travelling abroad (those roaming coasts are a real pest, aren’t they?)

How does he do it? Well, Roamer is an Android app created by a true genius of our times. Simple solutions to complicated problems are the best in this writer’s book, and Roamer’s answer to cut roaming costs is to keep it as simple as humanly possible.

The concept behind the Roamer app is basically as it follows: when travelling abroad, you’ll tell Roamer what country you’re travelling into and your home phone number.

Roamer will  let you then purchase a local SIM card (from the country you’re travelling into) and using the Internet, you’ll benefit from forwarding your calls from your old SIM phone number(at home) to your new one, via Internet.

Essentially, you must tell Roamer the phone number you would like to forward your calls  before you leave your country of origin and when you arrive at your destination, Roamer will route one phone number to another via the Internet.

Easy as pie, right?

It’s basically a call forwarding service, i.e. voice over IP, while keeping the costs as low as humanly possible.

Is that too good to be true? Well, in a sense yes, but it really works impeccably in over 200 countries. If you’re using Wi-Fi internet while travelling abroad, every call will be basically free of charge. If you’re on cellular data, the costs will be pretty low also.

If you’re stuck on a calling network only, it’s still better, financially speaking, to use Roamer than to pay for a long distance call, and by orders of magnitude that is.

Bottom line, Roamer really delivers what it promises: the phone calls placed to your regular phone number while abroad will work perfectly, as you’d expect, but at a fraction of the costs of a normal roaming call.

You can check out this great app by visiting Google Play Store, downloading and installing Roamer on your droid and that’s about all there is to it.

The next step is to sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.

Have fun!


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