Welcome to Gadabout SalonSpas! Now you can have your favorite Tucson SalonSpa at your fingertips! This mobile app gives you the opportunity to:*Contact us for online reservation requests*A place [...]

one day Planner

Errors or Enhancements please send an email or Twitter @surplus7 Will help a lot.Planner The practice is his promise. Fill out a daily schedule, which place the phone look nice andMake sure you [...]

Lunch Break – Task Paid

This is a PAID Licensed version with no Ads. A free version supported by Ad’s is also available.Manage holiday chaos with Lunch Break Task.Keep it simple with this 2-in-1 application to [...]

Connect 4 – Standard Game

The traditional game of Connect 4 which you can play with someone else or against Android to try to connect 4 pieces together either vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. Have fun! This app is [...]

pocket guillotine

Can you escape the guillotine? Fingers will roll? Test your reactions against the sharpest blade! The blade speeds up and you get points for how close to the blade you get before chickening out. [...]

Ad Free BMI Calculator


*************************************NOTE****************************************App is very basic (with no future enhancements in plan) and the Body Mass Index calculation follows the World [...]

AirReport Pro – METAR & TAF


View up-to-date METAR and TAF aviation weather from NOAA in a user friendly dashboard. View raw or decoded using metric or imperial. AirReport contains an inbuilt database of worldwide airport [...]

Carpenter’s CalcPad

The Carpenter’s CalcPad is designed to behave as a calculator, allowing you to to press the same buttons in the same order you would a regular calculator. However; this calcpad provides [...]



froyo 2.2 version is in the running application. being tested in the nexus one. os version or not froyo In another model of the phone, I submit that job to run.Redeumussa nyokerikteoga avoid crap [...]

Boopsie Docs

If you are not a Boopsie customer, then you will not have any use for this application. Please do not download this app unless you have been instructed to do so by Boopsie, Inc.Some features of [...]



PhillyGeekCentral is an extension of the Philadelphia Flash Platform Adobe User Group or PFPAUG. It provides a direct mobile view of the latest blog entries, news and updates from the PFPAUG [...]

SHPO the Webstore Backend

As an eCommerce business owner, you know exactly how it feels to be away from your computer for hours… or even longer. Unable to keep up with inquiries and orders, as you cheer in the [...]



Beach Bum Band

This application allows users to download/update the latest Beach Bum Band Gig Schedule, and allows the user to quickly grab a map link to their Google Maps for directions to the band’s [...]

Stock Alert Pro

Price Alerts and Real-time quotes from World Exchanges*Upgrade to Stock Alert Pro and receive the following enhancements – RealTime quotes * – Ads Free ! – More efficient [...]

Location Concentration Game

This application is a game based on the traditional game of Memory, or better known as Concentration. The game involves selecting a difficulty of Easy, Medium, or Hard which reflect the number of [...]

Food Additive Assistant

This application can be used to assist shoppers by informing them what the food additive numbers mean. For example if you see flavour enhancer 621 on a packet of chips this application will show [...]

MealBank Pro:Recipes-> Grocery

MealBank is intended to make it easy to manage the repetitive task of preparing and cooking meals.MealBank Professional Edition is MealBank (free) Edition, Plus These Features: – Weekly [...]

Two Hundred Year Calendar

For additional features and enhancements, look for the Donate version of the Two Hundred Year Calendar.This FREE VERSION of the Two Hundred Year Calendar is a very simple application that will [...]

교보생명 모바일창구

‘교보생명 모바일창구’는 안드로이드폰에서 실행되는 교보생명의 유지서비스 애플리케이션으로 이동통신사의 통신망(3G) 및 무선랜(Wi-Fi)을 이용하여 계약조회, 보험료입금 등의 금융서비스 및 상품정보 등의 다양한 서비스를 이용하실 수 있습니다.○ 언제 어디서나 교보생명의 유지서비스(나의계약조회, 보험료입금, 보험계약대출 수령 및 [...]


Errors or Enhancements please send an email or Twitter @surplus7 Will help a lot.SMS Message popup. From the information in the configuration window you can adjust the color and size. Is a free [...]

(AA) 10th Step Check In

You always have your phone with you. Now you always have a way to check in with yourself and your recovery. No more excuses. Just answer 10 yes/no questions each day covering the basics of the [...]

Tasks for Microsoft® Exchange


"Tasks" is the ideal companion for your Android smartphone or tablet if you manage todo, shopping or other lists in Microsoft® Outlook. Intuitive to use with many powerful features like [...]

Edgewood Tahoe

Edgewood Tahoe has been a world-class destination for golf, dining, weddings and special events since 1968. Edgewood Tahoe Golf Course is rated by Golf Digest as one of "America’s Top [...]

CamCalc Free

0.9.8: New Exposure tool, other enhancements.Photo & camera calculator tools for photography, cinematography, and visual effects. Depth of field, field of view, focal length equivalents, [...]

Ping2Locate Pro

Powerful Features of Ping2Locate Social and Ping2Locate Lite combined into a Pro release, plus more features and enhancements!!1) Send Text/SMS to your lost/misplaced mobile, instantly locate it [...]

현대증권 Smart able

( 서비스 소개 ) 언제나 고객을 먼저 생각하는 현대증권이 안드로이드폰 사용자를 위해 빠르고 편리한 현대증권 포털 서비스 ‘현대증권 Smart able’을 제공합니다.또한 초보자 및 실버계층을 위한 Easy able프로그램을 통해 크고 시원한 글꼴등을 제공하여 가독성을 높인화면들을 제공합니다. 이제 현대증권에서 제공하는 다양한 서비스를 [...]

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