ALERT::Sorry to inform everyone, but I lost the source code to this application about a year ago. This is the reason I have not published any enhancements for bug fixes. I have been trying to [...]

SportWatch Pro

SportWatch is your perfect tool to keep scores during matches of your favorite club. Furthermore, you can also see other matches. You keep the scores of the game within the app and we place it [...]

Practice Makes Perfect Pro

Practice Makes Perfect has entered maintenance mode due to poor revenue. No further enhancements are planned and only critical bug fixes will be released. Please use e-mail if something is [...]

List It

Simply complex. Need to make a list of things to do? Then List It is for you. Its simple interface will help you get the job done quickly and efficiently.***TIP: Items in your list can be long [...]

Sydney Rail Beta


SydneyRail is an application that shows the CityRail train time table and map. This app does not require an internet connection so things can load fast and you can use it where reception is [...]

Syncables 360 for Android

Wirelessly sync photos,music,videos, documents & contacts from your PC or Mac to your phone.You can even stream your computer-based media right to your phone over your wireless LAN network. [...]

Melbourne Train Trapper


Your complete timetable guide for the Metro Train Network.NOTE: If you purchase the premium version it may take up to 6 hours for Google to authorise the transaction. You will need to re-visit [...]

Camera ZOOM FX Android App Review


Camera ZOOM FX is a feature-rich camera app that not only enhances the performance of the Android phone's default camera app but also allows you to add special effects and other enhancements to [...]

ExtraMemo (Memory Game)

Android 1.6 & moreExtraMemo is a "Memory" game, where you have to associate the corresponding pairs, with some enhancements. So, it’s for everyone, children and adults.You can [...]


SportWatch is your perfect tool to keep scores during matches of your favorite club. Furthermore, you can also see other matches. You keep the scores of the game within the app and we place it [...]

1×1 Ultimate Unread Widget

ROOT REQUIRED: Phone must be rooted to use this widget!An icon that displays unread counts for all of your email accounts (not just gMail). Select which folders you would like it to keep track of [...]


Helsinki and near area public transport guide (Reittiopas).*Attention*Please open and set preferences, back-end has changed in away that older preferences are not valid anymore.-GPS and cell [...]

Quick System Info PRO

Quick access of the basic system information for your Android platform, including information for CPU, memory, SD Card, running processes, network states and installed applications. This is the [...]

Camera Magic


* Digital zoom with proper upscaling (not crop like some others)* Timer * Burst * Filters* Whitebalance* Volume to zoom camera* Maintains compatibility with older devices while taking advantage [...]



Retrieve the location of your phone via email or MultiMapPro, send free messages to other phones running MyPos.Full pdf-manual at mypos.radonsoft.netWorks in the background and adds no overhead [...]



SameGame is a puzzle game. The goal of the game is to remove as many balls as possible using as few moves as possible.New in version 1.2.0 – Shows score for currently selected balls. [...]

Drill Panic! Free


Ad sponsored version, buy full version for Ad-free gamingEscape the drill by tilting your Android phone left or right. Collect diamonds on the way down, and avoid obstaclesA simple, fun, and [...]

I Love you, Jennifer


This is a personal application. you probably don’t want to install it.It is dedicated to my wonderful girlfriend, and a way for me to practice android programming.Now with mathematical [...]



Location-aware zmanim (Jewish prayer times, Holiday start/end).Includes: * 90+ different zmanim, including GR’A & MG’A-click to select * Notification if unable to determine [...]

Car Finder AR


Never lose your car again!Car Finder AR automatically keeps track of where you park. Use augmented reality, 3D Google Maps and radar to find your parked car.?New GPS Auto Track module will also [...]



A Tally Counter app – perfect for counting laps, reps, customers, inventory, traffic, cigarettes or anything countable.* Multiple counters for counting multiple items* Landscape view [...]

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