MEGA launches official client for Android

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MEGA, the security- and encryption- focused creation of infamous internet millionaire Kim Dotcom, is taking a step towards legitimacy with the launch of an official application for Android. The [...]

Kim Dotcom Launches Free Mega Android App

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Kim Dotcom just acquired and released the free Mega Android App   for their file sharing /cloud storage service in New Zealand.As you may know, after the Megaupload was closed down by the US [...]

Best unlocked Android phones, June 2013

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In America, you mostly buy phones from a carrier at a discounted price in exchange for a monthly bill, which usually comes out at about $70 a month or even more if you want extra features or [...]

Android 4.3 Jelly Bean root already available

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The recently leaked Android 4.3 firmware version has already been rooted, before actually being officially rolled out by Google. The news comes from xda-developers – where else? – which reports [...]

Nexus 4: Tips &Tricks

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While we wait for confirmation from Google on whether or not they’re going to release an in-house phone as their successor to the Nexus line or source out to another manufacturer, [...]

Attack of the Spooklings FREE


Arcade Slashing Action!Cut down hordes of Spooklings in a desperate attempt to save your village!Combining a classic arcade experience with satisfying swiping action, Attack of the Spooklings is [...]

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