The Impact of Betting on Sports Media Business

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The sports television industry is struggling to thrive in the market against video games, smartphones and social networks. Expensive cable subscriptions, an ageing audience and increasing rights [...]

TrueCaller Review: Almost a Decade Later

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TrueCaller was launched on Android in September of 2009. Since then, the app’s numbers have skyrocketed due to its continuously improving user interface and an increasing number of features. But [...]

How to Get the Best Android Tablets in the UK

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A tablet is an electronic device capable of connecting to the Internet through WiFi or via a 3G/4G technology thanks to the internal or external module. There are many reputed brands which are [...]

The 5 Best Health Apps for Android Users

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Modern smartphones have a host of sensors built-in allowing them to convert real-world changes into actionable data. This ability has many implications, but our area of interest today, made [...]

How to Launch an E-commerce Business

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Selling products, digital downloads, or even promoting services has never been easier than with an eCommerce shop. Launching and owning your very own eCommerce business is no longer reserved for [...]

17 Money Saving Tips for College Students

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As a college student, you might be the poorest now than you’ll ever be in your life. The great thing is that it’s okay to be poor! It’s fun even, depending on how you look at it. You can make the [...]

Android Apps That You Need On Your Device

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There is no denying that technology is currently king. Just look at what technology has done for the gambling and smartphones industry. What an Android device and a Wi-Fi hotspot, gamblers can [...]

What Is a VoIP Receptionist Console?

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Business and enterprise VoIP software come with many useful features. One of the features that’s been growing in popularity is the Voice over IP receptionist console. It’s something that’s now [...]

5 Must-Have Android Apps for 2019

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With more than 2 billion active Android devices, the Google Play Store has a library of more than 1 million apps for its users. With categories such as social, games, photography, [...]

Latest “Hot Deal” Samsung Phone

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If you are a fan of Samsung products or you are that type that wants to stay up to date with technology here is the real deal for you, Samsung has released its super powerful Galaxy Note S9 and [...]

What Makes Native Mobile Apps Popular?

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Companies that are thinking about developing applications for their customers or for internal use may consider one of three options for mobile applications – native, web, or hybrid. We [...]

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