Kids Quiz Lite

Kids Quiz Lite is the free version of Kids Quiz Pro. Kids Quiz Lite in in English, German and Romanian is an image matching game for kids which follows a simple, fun and effective learning [...]

Prose and Poetry Quiz


Test your knowledge of poems and poets, novels and short stories with “Prose and Poetry” Quiz app! Have fun discovering interesting facts about famous poets and their poetry books and poems, as [...]

GRE English Quiz


A database of more than 60,000 synonym and antonym questions with descriptions extracted from WordNet. Helps to improve your English Vocabulary.

ExQuizit – Sverige Lite


SKRIVET OM IPHONE-VERSIONENMacWorld: Dagens iPhonespel den 27 decemberAppfeber: 5/5 poäng och bäst i testAppdags: 8/10 poäng – "Klassiskt [...]

Capitals quiz for GREE


How many capital cities do you know?You should choose one answer among 4 choices.There are 10 questions on one stage.You can pass the stage by giving 8 or more correct answers.If you fail a [...]

Movie Character Quiz


The Movie Character QuizSo, you recognise all those characters but can you remember their names? Can you recall Rocky’s surname? What about the first name of Mr McFly? This quiz is full of [...]

Audio Guitar Chord Quiz – FREE

If you want to get better at recognizing guitar chords by ear, this is the app for you. Being able to recognize chords and intervals by just listening will enable you get better at playing songs [...]

FunBlast! Trivia Quiz Lite


Now with more questions! FunBlast Trivia blows away the competition as the incredibly addicting and exciting quiz game covering all of your favorites like Movies, TV, Politics, History, [...]

Metal Quiz

Quiz / Trivia game about the culture of Metal music, by a metalhead, for metalheads.The app is still in development but there are already three quiz game modes:- 20 random questions- Full package [...]

ExQuizit – Sverige


SKRIVET OM IPHONE-VERSIONENAppfeber: 5/5 poäng och bäst i "Välbyggt och riktigt stiligt"Appdags: 8/10 poäng – "Klassiskt [...]

Movie Quotes Quiz 1-2player AD

Movie Quotes Quiz is an amusing Game for 1 and 2 players.You can try to beat the high score in single-player or bid defiance to somebody in 1 vs. 1-mode (split-screen).The app comprised more then [...]

Quisr Football Champions|Quiz


Experience with Quisr and its unique mix of knowledge, speed and tactics the European Championship 2012 like never before. Choose your team and guide them through exciting knock out games right [...]

Movies Stars Quizz


Movies Stars Quizz is a fast-paced quizz (trivia) game that will provide hours of fun for the entire family.It’s a game of knowledge, skills and wits. Are you able to recognize all the [...]

One Direction Quiz and Trivia

KEYsoft invites you to challenge yourself with "One Direction Quiz and Trivia", an app that contains questions that only a true dedicated fan could answer! This app was made with a [...]

Justin Bieber Test Quiz


So you think you know everything about Justin Bieber? Then take this 95 question quiz about your favorite star!What is his mother’s name?What was his first single?Who is his current [...]

One Direction Quotes QUIZ


KEYsoft presents One Direction Trivia Quotes, app filled with trivia questions that tests your knowledge on One Direction Quotes. Content should provide some familiar trivia quotes and some vast [...]

Logo Quiz – Cars

Divided into 10 levels you will find more than 180 cars logos like Audi, Mercedes, Opel!How many of car companies can you recognize?FEATURES? more than 180 logos and a small size of the [...]

One Direction Song Quiz


KEYsoft invites you to challenge yourself with "One Direction Song Quiz", an app that only true dedicated fans could successfully answer! This app was made with a user friendly [...]

Quiz Whiz for Facebook

Which fairy tale are you? What kind of dog are you? Quiz Whiz has all the answers … and more! We feature a mix of specially written quizzes as well as quizzes written by our own very users. [...]

Quiz: Game of Thrones


Test your knowledge of the Harry Potter movies. Answer 15 random questions as fast as possible and get top score. You can also submit question and it will be added in the game.Features:30 [...]

App Logo Quiz


Are you a super fan of Android?Do you still remember those excellent apps or games you have ever used? Wanna know more interesting apps or games?Try

Islamic Quiz


Get Islamic Quiz app and learn more about Muslim beliefs by answering the

Car Logo Quiz


Challenge the time, detect car logo as much as possible to increase your score.There are two difficult and three game modes:- from the brand to the logo- from the logo to the brand- survival (you [...]

Logo Quiz – World Capitals


Learn the capitals in a form of a logo quiz.This is logo quiz game full of fun that consists on guessing the names of hundreds of capitals from around the world. Compare your answers with your [...]

Countries Capitals Quiz


Geography quiz, which will allow you to quickly memorize all the capital cities of the world!Test yourself by comparing your score with the best ranked online.Functionality:  – 10 levels of [...]

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