Dr. Virus

Bakterileri yaptığın antibiyotik toplarıyla yakala…Hem zekanızı hemde kıvraklığınızı kullanın…Ekrana basılı tutarak büyüklüğünü ayarladığınız antibiyotiklerle bakterileri kıstırın ve [...]

Antivirus & Mobile Security

TrustGo is a 100% FREE mobile security app that was ranked #1 by AV-TEST for providing the BEST Android Security ANYWHERE! Read the report at http://bit.ly/Xlj3AQ.”TrustGo is one of the [...]

Antivirus & Mobile Security


TrustGo is a 100% FREE mobile security app that was ranked #1 by AV-TEST for providing the BEST Android Security ANYWHERE! Read the report at http://bit.ly/Xlj3AQ."TrustGo is one of the most [...]

Bitdefender Antivirus Free


Take Bitdefender’s award-winning antivirus protection with you! Bitdefender’s Antivirus Free is a powerful and fast solution that uses in-the-cloud scanning technology to arm your Android [...]

Zombie Invasion : T-Virus

A brand new horror thriller game, featuring the living dead, from the makers of the hit, point and click adventure series, Curse Breakers.Are you ready to face the zombie apocalypse? Gather your [...]

Virus Control

In Virus Control, you must guide the white blood cells to the invading virus’ and fight off infection! Be warned, any contact between the white blood cells will destroy each other and the [...]

Deadly Virus Destroyer

In this game there is an unknown infection spreading around the world. People are getting sick. They are highly contagious and infect each other! Cure as many people as you can. Save the world [...]



VirusPanic is a simple flash game.Let’s eradicate more viruses and get Hi-score?How to play??.Viruses lurk in the folder.2. Viruses appear only for a moment. 3. Remember where Viruses [...]

VIRUSfighter Antivirus PRO

★ Fast Real-Time Antivirus Protection ★ Security Advisor – Automatically detects Security Holes ★ Reliable Scan – Detects more than 30,000+ known threats Adding real-time antivirus [...]

APK Anti-Virus Bodyguard

An innovation Android APK anti-virus protection software, it can scan the installed software and real-time monitoring of suspicious programs. With the innovative source code analysis technology, [...]

SecureBrain Antivirus (BETA)

This is a BETA release of SecureBrain Antivirus that offers next-generation cloud scanning at minimum battery usage by fully utilizing the cloud. We hope that you will notice the difference in [...]

Fake Virus

This is a prank app!!!No nudity or similar content is displayed!!!Fool your friends with this app.The installed app icon is displayed under the name "Adult apps". When the app is [...]

Angry Virus

The mini planet have an attack of a bactrerium.Pls keep planet’s life by simple touch.This action will be big Helpful of somebody which need help as God’s hands.Just now I want you to [...]

Antivirus OK

Protect your precious handheld from viruses and malware!The application does not affect the operating system performance, and

G Data AntiVirus Free

G Data MobileSecurity is now called G Data AntiVirus Free!To counter the increased threat to Android devices, we have decided to make our software’s system protection available for free not [...]

VIRUSfighter Antivirus FREE


? Fast and Reliable Scan for more than 30.000 viruses, malware and spyware threats? Free Product and Threat Updates!? Simple and Easy to use, with high-speed scanning and minimal usage of [...]

LabMSF Antivirus beta

LabMSF Antivirus is a Mobile antivirus software with built-in scanner, viruses database with updating mechanisms and comfortable easy to use user interface. LabMSF AntiVirus protects mobile [...]

Antivirus for Android


Note: The full version of our WiFi Security+ App is now available on Google Play. Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=moobila.wifi.security"You never have to update your [...]


This example application uses the Adobe AIR runtime and LiveCycle Collaboration Services (LCCS) to demonstrate real-time, cross-screen, application communication. The theme is that of germs. [...]

RadiantWalls HD – Zombie Virus

Observe the walking dead on a microscopic level with RadiantWalls HD – Zombie Virus.Have you ever wondered why some zombies are able to run and others are mindless meat bags that lumber? [...]

Snap Secure + Mobile Antivirus

Snap Secure provides the most advanced protection available to secure your digital life anywhere, anytime, from any device. With Snap Secure you can:- Back up and restore the personal information [...]

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