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The Extra!!! Edition of the American Civil War Gazette contains back issues as well as additional articles that did not appear in the daily edition."ABRAHAM LINCOLN, of Illinois, was yesterday inaugurated as the Sixteenth President of the United States""Early in the forenoon, when the flag was unfurled upon the Capitol, one of the halliards gave way, and, splitting in two, the flag flung out like a pennant. For a long while it could not be taken down, though finally an adventurous man climbed to the top of the staff, and, tearing away the ill-omened standard, replaced it with an entire flag of the Union."– New York Times, March 5, 1861"The opinion is rapidly settling down in political and commercial circles that Mr. LINCOLN’s Inaugural means war."– New York Times, March 7, 1861Highlights of the March 1861 Edition:- Washington, D.C. – Plot to assassinate Lincoln – James Buchanan leaves office as President of the United States – Abraham Lincoln is inaugurated as the 16th President of the United States – Lincoln’s "Better Angels of Our Nature" Inaugural Address – Telegraphed live from Washington – Afterward, when the Capitol flag was unfurled a halliard broke and split the flag in two – Lincoln’s inauguration ball in Washington, D.C. – "Live" reports from the ball – Speculation as to Lincoln’s cabinet; Seward, Chase, Cameron, Blair, Welles, Bates, et. al. are mentioned – The 36th U.S. Congress closes – The Morrill Tariff passes – The 37th U.S. Congress opens- Fort Sumter – The Steven’s Battery accidentally fires on Fort Sumter – "Surrender of Fort Sumter"- Texas – News of Texas’ ratification of the Secession Ordinance – Gen. Sam Houston resigns from the Governorship of Texas on Texas’ secession – The Federal arsenal at San Antonio, Texas is turned over to the Texas commissioners by Gen. Twiggs – Gen. TWIGGS (USA) is dismissed from the US Army for surrendering Federal forts and troops to the State of Texas – The Senate debates whether to expell Louis Wigfall, Senator from Texas – The Southern Congress of the CSA in Montgomery votes to admit members from Texas – The Empire City sails from New-York with supplies and reinforcements for Union troops in Texas – The steamship Star of the West follows the Empire City to Texas – Fort Brown is surrendered by Union forces to Texas- Virginia – The Virginia State Convention votes to submit an ordinance of secession to the people of Virginia- Alabama – The Confederate States Congress accepts the design of a new flag which is flown over the Montgomery Capitol for the first time – Alabama ratifies the Constitution of the C.S.A.- Louisiana – Louisiana ratifies the C.S.A. Constitution 101-7- Georgia – Georgia adopts a new state constitution- Arkansas – Arkansas remains in the Union: The Secession Ordinance is defeated 35-39- North Carolina – North Carolina remains in the Union: Narrow vote against holding a Convention of Secession- C.S.A. – The General Council of the Choctaw Nation votes to seceed and join the CSA – Concern that southern Indiana and southern Illinois will join the Confederacy- Personal Liberty Laws and Slavery – Maine repeals the Personal Liberty Law – Massachusetts passes a Personal Liberty Law – Michigan postpones debate to repeal it’s Personal Liberty Law – Constitutional Amendment is adopted by Congress to prevent any further Constitutional amendment abolishing slavery

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