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Spirit Quest – Embark on spiritual adventure and discovery, the path opens before you…Brought to you by internationally recognized brainwave audio entrainment specialist Leigh Spusta, this soundscape sets the pace for your journey to begin. Leigh created this musical landscape to include specific rhythms and frequencies known to promote expanded consciousness and deep relaxation. As the soundscape begins, you are ushered into a realm of endless opportunity for adventure and self discovery. Begin by seeing yourself on a path, notice how and where it opens before you, this is your spiritual quest. The musical backdrop will carry into a space of magic, insight, and curiosity. After a time, you are gently brought into a deeper state that supports the further development and undfolding of your journey, you will notice how your inner world is rich with feeling and wisdom, there is no telling who, where, when, or what you may experience, but be sure you will get a sense of being connected at a higher, more spiritual level. This 28 minute recording will bring you into an altered state of expanded consciousness, so you are advised to not listen while driving. This app streams using 3G or wifi connection. This recording has been produced utilizing the proprietary PsimatiX¬™ audio entrainment methods to create powerful results. Leigh Spusta is a behavioral scientist, hypnotherapist, and Certified Therapeutic Imagery Facilitator specializing in the use of sound frequencies to produce deep, relaxing trance states. He has worked with several therapists in Los Angeles, producing a variety of therapeutic audio cds. Leigh combines his talents as a musician and his knowledge of hypnosis and related states, in an effort to pioneer new approaches in creating rich, resonant sound-scapes for greater efficacy in healing and meditative products. Leigh is the developer of the proprietary PsimatiX¬™ therapeutic approaches and technologies. Brainwave Entrainment / Binaural Beats / Isochronic Tones / Monaural Beats / Vibro-acoustics / Hemispheric Synchronization / Alpha State / Theta State / Delta State / Relaxation / Hypnosis / Hypnotic Music / Meditation / Stress Reduction / Tension Release / Chakra Alignment – Attunement – Balancing / Harmony / Schumann Resonance / Frequency / Mind Audio / Trance / Healing / Therapy / Psychic / Intuition / ESP / Energy / Chakra / 3rd Eye / Pineal

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