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Alice – HD Slot Machine

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DeveloperWilliams Interactive
AddedNov 21st, 2011
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Alice – HD Slot Machine TAKE A JOURNEY BACK DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE AS YOU EXPERIENCE THIS CLASSIC TALE IN A WHOLE NEW WAY! This classic slot machine has been completely remastered to bring the exciting world of Wonderland to your pocket. This memorable cast of characters will spin along with you as you cash in on the big spins! The Mad Hatter, Alice, The Queen of Hearts, Tweedle Dee and Dumb – they’re all here. Drink the potions to trigger two unique bonus rounds. Race the Queen as you make your escape with all the cash. This slot machine is connected to other slots through a casino interface. From the casino you can browse to the other slots. Your bankroll is shared between all the machines. Other slots include: – The Heist Slot Machine – FREE! – Alice HD Slot Machine – Candy Shop HD Slot Machine – Hooked HD Slot Machine – Oktoberfest HD Slots – Pied Piper HD Slot Machine – Spellbound 2 HD Slots – Where the Wild Symbols Are HD Slot Machine If you like playing these slots solo, you might also want to try playing the slots in tournaments! Buy in to tournaments using your earnings from solo play. Then see how many credits you can win in a set number of spins. You will be competing against other players spinning the same slots with the same number of spins. Earn a high score in a tournament and rake in some serious dough! All our slots are for entertainment purposes only. No real money is wagered, earned or lost. The payout percentages on our slots is higher than slots in actual casinos and you should not expect similar results.

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