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Crush your enemies, rescue your family, and fulfill your destiny.Angry Ball is the world’s most fun and exciting accelerometer game. Roll through 48 levels of fun with multiple obstacles and enemy types. Undergo the journey of Felix D. Ball and how he became Angry Ball, the Spirit of Rolling Vengeance. Tilt your device and direct Angry Ball through three different environments with completely different physics settings. Smoosh bunnies, squirrels, penguins, octopi, whales, seals and more while avoiding holes, whirlpools, and ice chasms. Battle the fiendishly difficult bosses as you free your family members from captivity and gain vengeance for balls everywhere. Race against the clock to complete the level and earn the best score.Can you outfox the fox? Outswim the shark? And out-yet(?) the yeti?Angry Ball is just like the classic board game Labyrinth, if the little silver ball was an angry, live, red ball, and if you crushed cute critters.Features:-3 themes with distinct physics – Grass, Ocean, and Ice.-18 different enemy types with varying personalities and behavior-Obstacles and breakable tiles that impede your progress-Awesome music and sound effects-Smooshtastic and fun gameplay, building from easy to challenging-Device-specific high scores per level-Earn from 1-3 stars per level (more stars = more points!)

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