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What was the most popular casino game in the Wild West? Slot machines? Keno? Blackjack? Roulette? Poker? Craps? Baccarat? No, besides the brothels, beer and whiskey, gunslingers and cowboys were lured into boon towns by the game of Faro. Many a fortune was won and lost at the Faro tables across America. In Virginia City, Nevada sits the famous "Suicide Table". The table at which Black Jake reportedly lost $70,000 in one evening and then killed himself.Don’t know the rules? That’s fine. The rules, a tutorial and a detailed help are all accessible from the menu options. A brief history of the game is also provided with links to some internet resources as well.So, bring the fun of the most popular casino game of the Old West to your Android phone. Play the game that Doc Holiday, the Earp brothers and Wild Bill Hickcock were all addicted to. Download and play Arizona faro today!!!

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