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The arrangement ball.You can join the high score ranking.Please select from the menu.When you submit a medal total of 20, the ball 16 is set.I number the panel is lit by playing the ball 16 that, at the bottom of the pocket.I will score by a number that is aligned vertically and horizontally and lit.Friday, scoring 20 times and will be paid out.Contents:Start the game by tapping the screen.If you do not have a medal, medals is supplied 300 sheets automatically.Thursday, 20 sheets has been turned on, the ball 16 is set.(Displayed in the lower left.)Play the ball 16, the number of the panel lights up and the bottom of the pocket.Score will be lit by a number that is aligned to the vertical and horizontal directions.One vertical column are aligned.Two horizontal row are aligned.Five are aligned in four places.Score will be doubled and pass 2 pockets.However, the number of medals to be paid out at one time is up to 15 sheets.Send to Live Wallpaper rearing system, the medals won.Live Wallpaper rearing system, raise a pet to ensure the food at the medal.Live Wallpaper rearing system, please download it from the Android Market separately.— 8 <—— 8 <—— 8 <—— 8 <—— 8 <—— 8 <—For CandyHouse:I’m making a game for Android mainly.Translated using the translation Google.Apps for Android lists almost made CandyHouse.★ Cards & CasinoAce collection of 100 different card gamesPlay alone (Card Game)Candy Chuang sparrow CandyHouseMedalMania medal maniaDaughter Bakuretsu medal Medals game mania ★Medal Mania 2 MedalMania 2Monday Mania MedalMania BreedMedal Bingo ManiaPinball Mania MedalNurse panic NursePanicJackPot Poker poker jackpotBIG and SMALL sizesAirplane Airplane Pachinko PachinkoPyramidSparrow ball Jan9Golden GoldenSlot slotLast one LastOnePoker Dice Poker Dice ★ ki!★ sports gamesMedalBowl bowling gameHockey Pool (PoolHockey)TapTap basketball★ Arcade & ActionBattle SushiBattle sushiMonkey bananaGeisha Geisha Game playPanda ball PandaBall★ puzzleJapanCheese Mania★ LifestyleGolden Tarot Golden Tarot★ Customizable (Live Wallpaper)Mr. Golden Golden3Mr. Goldfish Kingyo3MedalKingyo goldfish medalMower Mower— 8 <—— 8 <—— 8 <—— 8 <—— 8 <—— 8 <—

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