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AddedApr 15th, 2012
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Bamboo NinjaYou are the Ninja, Flying in the Bamboo forest to escape the chasing of your enemy. You need control your ropes which help you to fly, touch on a bamboo to throw your rope there, touch once again to release it and use your acceleration to fly through the bamboo forest . Touch again once you come too near to the ground before your break into smithereens. You only have 60 seconds to escape the enemy, the clock can add your time.Features:- Different mode including time limited mode,distance limited mode, Free mode, rope count limited mode;- Tight and fast paced game play;- Realistic physic engine effects and the ropes;- The clock can increase play time;- Music and sound effects;Speed up, your enemy is chasing !Help:1. touch on a bamboo to throw your rope there2 .touch once again to release the rope08262210

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