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AddedJul 21st, 2013
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Welcome to Busy Box for Non-Rooted Phones!Send all suggestions to [email protected]:? Android Terminal Emulator? Needs at least 110MB free on your internal memoryAfter having a rooted phone for years, I know that there are plenty of applications that allow users to customize their phones; however, when I recently bought a brand new phone this year, I decided not to root it and I realized the main reason for rooting my phone was simply to obtain more linux tools. I made this simple application in order to help users simply install BusyBox without the hassle of being rooted!All binaries are installed in: /data/data/burrows.apps.busybox/app_busybox/Open your terminal via ADB or the Android Terminal Emulator and type: cd /data/data/burrows.apps.busybox/app_busybox/In Terminal Emulator, Preferences: Initial command: export PATH=$PATH:/data/data/burrows.apps.busybox/app_busybox/busyboxBusyBox for Non-Root features:How to use BusyBox Non-root:? Click on "Install BusyBox" to download and install all the BusyBox binaries? Once installed, click on the BusyBox location and it will copy the path to the binaries to your clipboard to make it easy to get to them. Open your Terminal and change directory to the path!BusyBox for Non-Root? Displays Android Version? Displays Android API? Displays the location of your chmod binaryTips and Suggestions:Aaron Bouzek:? In Terminal Emulator, Preferences: Initial command: export PATH=$PATH:/data/data/burrows.apps.busybox/app_busybox/busyboxPermissions requested:? Internet: Download BusyBox (make sure you are on WiFi!)Tags: busybox busy box root checker root check root check, root checker , android root, verify root, check root, Superuser, administrator, root access, busybox check, su checker, su check, test root, root tester, rooting, superuser, sudo checker, user access, uid, gid, sh, admin, execute, developer, shell, bash hash encryption decryption Base64 Binary CRC32 GOST MD2 MD4 MD5 RipeMD128 RipeMD160 hash RipeMD256 RipeMD320 SHA-1 SHA-256 SHA-384 SHA-512 Tiger Whirlpool password security droid hack hacking encryption decryption hash hashes message digest algorithm secure cryptographic function checksum rom roms verifier MD5 checker Rivest comparison cyanogenmod cyanogen md5sum mand5 AES file encryption password

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