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Cakes HD WallpapersA collection of high quality images of amazing cakes.More than 60 stunning high-resolution pictures for your desktop of your Android device, whichapplication allows you to choose without unnecessary actions and set yourself on the phone.Features:- Only HD- Only the best and brightest imagesOriginal, high quality, convenient!Comment, it will allow us to improve the app for you!Cake – small confection of sweet pastry, usually with a cream filling.Cakes – confectionery items of various forms of art with the finished surface. Their weight ranges from 17 to 110 g in the literature often do not give cakes as a separate type of confectionery. In particular, William Pohlebkin, author of popular books on cooking, indicates that the cake – it’s Russian name confectionery products, which either represent a variety of cakes, cut into small equal rectangles, or specially made biscuits with cream filling, or greasing. He further writes that the cakes are not joined to any general principle of confectionery, this title is purely conventionally applied to confectionery and products of a certain size (10×5 cm), consisting of any kind of pastry dough and cream, a fruit or chocolate filling.Cakes made by the current pricelist one name, but different masses: small and large (60% of the mass of large). Smart appearance and taste of cakes – the most important indicators of the quality of these products.Here’s one of the easiest cake recipes that kids love:Ingredients for the cake, "potatoes" of cookies:Butter cookies any (not cracker) – 300 g;butter without herbal supplements (margarine is better not to use it) – 150 g;Powdered sugar – 200 g;cocoa powder – 3 tbsp or a large bar of chocolate;chicken eggs – 2;vanillin;coconut.The recipe for the cake, "potatoes" of cookies:1. Twist the cookie through a meat grinder or grind in a blender.2. Rub the softened butter in a bowl with powdered cocoa and a pinch of vanilla.3. Beat egg whisk or two forks.4. Then enter in the beaten egg mixture.5. Pour pounded cookies and carefully knead the mixture.6. Sculpt out of the mix cakes in the form of potatoes, koloboks or sausages should be laid on a plate, sprinkle with coconut shavings.To improve the taste of the dough can be put out of the jam syrup, brandy, wine, and pre-shredded roasted kernels of walnuts or peanuts. Decorate the cake can also be a variety of ways: to make the sprouts of white oil cream, roll in wafer crumbs and nuts, colored mineral granules (for cupcakes or cakes on short-crust pastry) pour chocolate frosting, caramel, etc.These pictures are high resolution (HD Wallpapers) look great on your android device with any screen resolution (480×854, 960×540, 1280×720, 480×800, 1280×800, 480×320)

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