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Chore-R-Timer is a general purpose round robin timer. In the chosen use, for time slicing chores, it allows the setting of a period of time to be spent on each chore (including any rest or between time)before moving on to the next. The list cycles around endlessly until stopped by the user. It is intended to ensure each chore(task) task gets a measure of time spent on it.However it can also be useful for helping children take turns at some activity, or perhaps for timing time spent at stations in gym. This is my first app (but has now been updated if you are running android 2.2 or above) and as such it has relatively few use cases.The main Screen is very simple it only has 3 parts, a button bar with 4 buttons(go prev next stop), a scroll-able list of chores(tasks). Each chore has a timer in hh:mm and rest timer also in hh:mm a description , and a use count. Each chore can now also be disabled and re-enabled and can have a skip factor applied. “Go” button starts the timer, “Stop” stops it and sets the first chore at the start of the list back as current chore. When timer is running the “Go” button changes into Pause/cont toggle, which will suspend the timer where it is as indicated by the display flashing. “Next” button switches to the next chore in the list of to the top of the list if at the bottom. This action can be performed from stopped or running state. Prev works the same way but in reverse.When stopped, the a drag handle appears on the right of each chore allowing for reordering the list by dragging the current chore(task) Up or down.Clicking on a chore will bring up an update dialog, allowing description, Time duration, rest period duration, and skip mode to be altered. The chore can also be deleted here too.Chore lists can be named and saved in the Chore List Store within the app. This stores the named chore list on the phone/tablet where it can be retrieved for later use.There is also an options menu containing 6 options, which preform functions of adding additional chores, accessing settings, accessing help, accessing reset/new options , Save As (to Chore List Store) and manage (Chore List Store).The reset options are used to either reset the use counters on the active chore list,to create a new unnamed chore list, or reset skip states.The following settings are supported: 1)Changing the ringtone or notification tone used when the timer for a chore completes2) setting the defaults for timer and rest timer in the add dialog.3) setting an optional sleep time – helpful in reducing battery use as there is no point displaying a second by second counter when you are hard at work on your chores. This sleep time will sleep the app until the next timer is due. 4) Changing the app background color scheme 5) Changing aspects of the UI As stated above and new for V3 :1 )Chores can be disabled , when disabled they are ignored by the running list and the next /prev buttons. They stay disabled until the user enables them. enable status can be changed on non active chores even when the list is running . 2) chores can be defined with a skip state followed by a number of cycles number between 1 and 99 skip once , and skip repeat . both of these and the disable function provide ways of dynamically varying a running chore list by making specific chores unavailable . Note future enhancements will be made in a new pro version if demand exists .V3 will be supported with its current feature set as a 100% free app. any questions or comments please email

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