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DeveloperHenrik Kjell
AddedApr 15th, 2012
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 To use this app you need the next not yet released version of the Who’s Calling server software! you don’t want to wait for the new version to be released – you can install the 1.3.2 version and manually update it by unpacking the file (use the following links).****************************** the config/whoscalling-config-2.xml file, replace 0701111111, 0702222222, 0703333333 with the mobile phones that will be accepted as CID reporting devices.Start the Who’s Calling server by opening/executing the bin/WhosCalling-2.bat file.The text "INFO: Web server started: 8080" should be displayed at the bottom of the window.The server can be tested by entering this URL in a web browser (replace 0701111111 with a valid number):http://localhost:8080/whoscalling?phone=0701111111&cid=086311000You should see a tool tip on the Who’s Calling tray icon.******************************The CID Forward app images are created by combining images designed by David Lanham, Dawghouse Design Studio, Asher, and Silvestre Herrera.The text below is copied from Who’s Calling site ( and has been modified.******************************Caller ID server for Windows and LinuxWho’s Calling is designed to be flexible and modular in a way that makes it easy to extend its functionality to support different CID hardware and to create plugins to store and lookup calling numbers in different ways.Highlights:Lookup callers from the following sources:* – Looks up the number by searching the popular Swedish web directory* – Looks up the number by searching the popular Swedish web directory* AreaCode – Gives info on which country or area the call originates from* Telemarketing – Uses to identify telemarketing calls (which it can optionally block)* File – Looks up phone numbers in a simple XML file* Guessing (!) – For some numbers that originates from a company’s switchboard only the main switchboard number is listed in the directories so if we don’t get a match from or we’ll keep replacing digits in the phone number with zeroes from right to left which often eventually yields the name of the company. Report or store caller information to the following:* Growl – Send CID info as Growl notifications. See Growl for Mac (Unfortunately sending Growl notifications to Macs is currently only supported by having them forwarded by Growl for Windows).* Dreambox – Show who’s calling on your Dream Box (or other device running Enigma/Enigma2)* MythTV – Show who’s calling on your MythTV* XBMC – Show who’s calling on XBMC* Plex – Show who’s calling on Plex* Roku SoundBridge – Show who’s calling on a Roku SoundBridge* MySQL – Stores information about incoming calls to a database* Squeezebox – Show who’s calling on your Squeezebox classic* YACSender – Support for using YAC clients with Who’s Calling* XML file – The last callers in XML format* Socket – Send information about incoming calls to a network socket (I use it to pass info to a text-to-speech server)* TrayIcon – Show who’s calling on a tray icon* NexaHome – Life Made Easy With Home Automation* Console – Prints number of incoming calls to stdout (wow!)See also: it’s written in Java it should run on all platforms that has a Java 6 JVM. However, it has only been tested on a number of different Windows and Linux versions. If you want to have a go at installing it on another platform I’ll do my best to assist.

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