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AddedApr 16th, 2012
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Clip Hunter (Movie Hunter) is a tool to automatically search and massively download videos and pictures from the Internet. It is a great utility app to easily create a massive collection of pics and short clips on your SD card and watch them offline.Clip Hunter is a crawler + mass downloader app and NOT a browser plugin to grab streaming flash movies. Such plugins typically require you to browse websites manually and let the grabber detect the video stream when you start watching the movie online. Clip Hunter will instead surf video galleries on its own, gather links to files on the site and load any file with video (avi, mpg, mpeg, mp4, mov, wmv) or picture (png, jpg, jpeg, gif) extension to the sdcard. Just enter keywords and press search – it’s that simple.With Clip Hunter, it’s cool and easy to find and collect many hot pics and vids fast and gratis from the web. "Save costs" option will let you allow only WiFi downloads and not 3G. "Save battery" option will pause downloads automatically while your Android device is not connected to a charger. You can also set other smart limits.The app will not work with sites like youtube, especially adult flash video networks (youporn, xhamster, xvideos etc.). Since the app has no knowledge or control over what you search, and some user may enter sex-related ("xxx", "porn", "hentai") keywords or websites, I rated the app as "high maturity" (18+ or 21+). I take no responsibility if you search for such content while not being allowed to do so, or misuse the app to steal or pirate any copyrighted materials like long HD movies. As the programmer of this app I can’t see any way this app could get pirated stuff. This app is a simple web crawler and not a torrent client, so it won’t get big full movies. It can only download files which are freely accessible thru a browser, without logins or typing in numbers from captchas.FAQ:Q: Is it really free?A: Yes! I get 1-2 cents for click on ads (nothing for impressions), that’s it.Q: Whatever I type in as search request, the app finds nothingA: The algorithm used in Simple search just couldn’t find anything matching your request. Press the button next to the search field with an image of a scope to start Advanced search. There you can type in the exact address of a website where you know there are videos/pictures. Don’t put any keywords there to let the app grab all files from the website.Q: Can I download videos from youtube, facebook, vkontakte?A: No. Those websites use steaming flash video. There are apps (browser plugins) which do that. Clip Hunter works in a completely different way – it’s a crawler + downloader which browses pages, walks across links and downloads any videos/pictures it finds if they match your keywords. On the plus side, it’s completely automatic so no need to even keep it open – it will work as a background serviceQ: Can I download from youporn, xhamster, xvideos, pornhub, porntube…?A: No (see above)Q: The app downloads nothing after a few minutes of searchA: Just let it search a bit. If it really gets bugged, uninstall it and re-install from Google Play. It may be a device issue. Also, websites build up defenses against apps like this. This app defeats most of these defenses but not allQ: I can’t watch most of the downloaded videosA: Install MX Player and/or Mobo Player. Android only supports MP4 format but most videos on the Internet are AVI, WMV or MPGQ: Most of the videos are 20-40 seconds longA: Depending on the website or keywords, it may be just short video clips. And btw, big long HD movies are not accessible legally for free. Even if the app could get those Google would ban itQ: Can I download over 3G?A: Yes. Just remember that it will generate lots of traffic. Check the app’s Settings to turn on/off limitsQ: I have other issuesA: Just press "Send feedback" button in Settings to drop me an email. I’ll try to help

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