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CPU CruiseControl Pro is a utility that provides a way to change the CPU speed and scaling characteristics on ROOTED Android phones. Upon first running the application, you MUST give the application root permissions (through the Superuser App). Once granted superuser permissions, CPU CruiseControl Pro will automatically detect supported speeds your CPU can run at, as well as available scaling governors. You then will be able to select whichever CPU governor and min/max CPU speeds best suite your needs. Looking for faster performance? Select the Performance governor. If prolonged battery life is what interests you, select the conservative governor. And for those of you with custom ROMs, select any of the other governors included in your ROM.What make CPU CruiseControl Pro different from other CPU tailoring apps is the ability to create and save graphs displaying what clocks speeds your CPU typically runs at. You can use this information to select the CPU governor to best meet your needs.In addition, we don’t believe in the use of "Profiles" that are supported on other CPU controlling apps. A CPU governor is intended to "govern" the speed of the CPU depending on CPU load. So why would you want to run an additional process on your phone that takes up CPU time and memory only to do what CPU governors already do? CPU CruiseControl Pro only runs for a few seconds at phone start-up, and then is unloaded from memory once the Android system cleans it up. No need to run all day, every day, like other CPU controlling apps!Note that this application will only work on Rooted android devices. If you are unsure if your device is rooted, download the free version of this app (called CPU CruiseControl) and verify it is able to change your CPU speeds and governors.Note that this version of the app differs from the free version in that this version, if enabled via the "Select at Boot" option on the main screen, will automatically set the CPU to the settings you specify at phone boot time.If you have any issues with the app, please send me an e-mail and I will work to address your concerns.Other similar apps: CPU Tuner, Milestone overclock, and AnTuTu CPU Master.

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