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This simple app contains all Deadlox’s Minecraft videos. New videos are automatically added on top of the list as soon as they’re released!Same apps are also available of Deadlox’s best friends!Sky: : Universe: is one of Sky’s friends who often plays along side him in adventure maps and Parkour maps. Although they are actually friends, Sky treats him drastically different from the way that he treats his other friends during adventure maps. This is often reffered to as Deadlox abuse. Deadlox always tries to piss off Sky, sometimes i like to call it Sky abuse, as in the Mario Bros series, not only making fun of sky because he is Wario, the fat Butter Bro. He also makes Sky angry when he locks him up, making a joke about making a YouTube series called "How to piss off Skydoesminecraft." This crosses the line, making Sky Go on a Rampage. Sky screams at the top of his lungs saying "WARIO DON’T TAKE SHIT FROM NO ONE!!!!!" almost killing MinecraftUniverse in the process.He also now becomes destructive in the later videos like Ender Jumper part 2 and Parkour Failure. Source:

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