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AddedOct 2nd, 2012
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Enjoying the sudden rush of racing game? , The fame of being the first to the finish line? , Having the excitement the testing your luck? And being smart upon using your remaining resources in order to survive and struggle for the win.But having trouble sharing it to someone else, or been longing to play it with the rest of your friends.Well this App is the best solution to your most longing for.You will race to the finish line by the use of your luck; the dice will determine how far you can run forward but the roulette will decide who can run forward every spin till the end of the race.But wait! That does not end the game, even though you are suffering from bad luck you can still manage to win by just the right use of skills; skills that can change the course of the game.This App is build mainly for friends to give excitement and enjoyment using mobile phone specially those Android devices.

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