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AddedFeb 10th, 2011
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It’s pedal to the metal as you push yourself and your desert warrior ride to their very limits. Quick, thirty-second races make for an ever increasing challenge as you strive for that high score, 100% ads free.No cars to configure, no careers to manage. Just hop in the driver’s seat and get racing! Harkens back to classic, retro racing gameplay, where your reflexes are the only thing between you and a tangle of wreckage. If you fondly remember racetrack classics like Gran Turismo, Gran Trak 10, Spy Hunter, Cruisin’, and Pole Position, then give DD a spin! It’s Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome meets Fast and the Furious. The dirt and asphalt tracks are auto-generated to always keep you guessing, providing infinite replay value. With each challenge you complete, your car gets faster and the roads get crazier.Controls are so simple that even casual gamers will like this title. Use your phone’s tilt sensor to steer. If you go off the road you’re a goner, but riding the edge of a ditch can give you a critical slowdown that keeps you in the race. Just don’t do it too much or your score will suffer, and you risk taking a dirt nap.This is a high-speed romp, recommended for later generation devices.Thingker is committed to the notion that the customer is always right. If you have any complaints about this title, even after the 15-minute evaluation period, please email us for a full refund.

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