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In one way this is a classic "Find differences" application: you have to find some subtle difference between two photos.In another way it is different from all other such applications: photos are not in the prepared pack that comes with the application – they are downloaded from immensely popular photography site: 500px and differences are generated auto-magically!There is just one difference per photo. When you find it, next random photo is downloaded from 500px site and next difference generated. Difference is often very hard to find but, due to high resolution pictures, unmistakable!It also allows you to compete globally through Swarm Leaderboards. For each guess you are awarded points – faster find -> more points. If you spend more than 100 seconds to find it you get zero points. If you got it the same second photo appears you get 1000 points. Be careful to tap only when you are certain – each wrong tap adds 10 seconds to your time.After 20 games you can submit your score. If you just cannot spot the difference and you don’t feel like tapping everywhere just do a long tap on a photo: difference will be shown (you get zero points).

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