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EYES ON THE ROAD…HANDS ON THE WHEEL!!Features:* voice-to-text functionality to dictate your default response to incoming texts* text-to-voice functionality so you can hear your incoming texts in a human-like voice. It also has a replay button for the last message received* GPS location functionality to give you the option to add your location (in real time) to your default text…allowing others to know where you are along your journey* Mute functionality to receive and send texts without a text-to-voice announcement of an incoming text.Have you ever promised to stop texting while driving, only to find yourself drawn back into the dangerous habit of using your cellphone while you’re behind the wheel? We’ve all heard the stories about the dangers of distracted driving, but we are also creatures of habit and we find the allure of that incoming text, a temptation that is very hard to ignore.Instead of simply trying to ignore a text, wouldn’t it be great if you had a co-pilot or assistant that would tell you what that incoming text said and respond for you, letting the texter know that you are driving and unable to respond at this time? Well, now you can!!Distract Me Not is an application designed to allow you to keep your focus on the task at hand (driving), while ensuring those trying to contact you that you have received their text and will respond when safe to do so. Distract Me Not is a tool to cut down on distracted driving and eliminate Driving While Texting (DWT), which is now law in the majority of US states.Other uses include:* Auto response while in that important business meeting* Auto response with location in the noisy club. Your friends can find you without you having to constantly monitor your texts. Dance the night away…your friends will find you!* Auto response while in class. With the ability to set a custom response, you can let your friends know that you’ll respond after class.* Auto response in a movie so you can respond silently to texts without disturbing everyone else in the theater.We look forward to your feedback and will be adding new and exciting features in the near future…For now, remember, that text CAN wait!! Safe driving!! No Texting While Driving! **inspired by the Oprah Winfrey Show**

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