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Dr. O (S. Andrei Ostric, MD) is a board certified Plastic Surgeon with a passion for creating beauty through the pursuit of total health & wellness. He received his medical degree and subsequent residency training at Rush University in Chicago, IL and began practice in 2006. After his own life changing struggles with health, Dr O re-dedicated his efforts and passions to focus on helping his patients pursue their own health goals and achieve the highest level of success possible by focusing on real beauty that begins on the inside, through proper nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle choices. Only then can a person achieve the highest quality results possible. To help share his ideas, Dr. Ostric has started both a blog and a podcast. He is also a frequent contributor to various news outlets to help spread the good news that true beauty is not simply skin deep. Rather, it is a core value that is practiced every day of our lives and in every facet of our lives, by making informed choices about health and fitness for ourselves and the ones we love. These choices pay immense dividends in the long term, not by simply making us look good, but making feel good about ourselves, the ones we love, and our community and the world at large. Beauty makes a difference in all of our lives, and we need to create in order to make our lives beautiful. This is why Dr. Ostric focuses on real beauty and real health. It all starts within.- View our healthy articles and reading materials- Stay up to date on our latest podcasts – Connect with us on Facebook and Twitter- Receive direct push notification messages- Read about all our services and procedures

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