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AddedSep 30th, 2012
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Drag Racing Pro Tunes was created to give you the advantage on Drag Racing Nitro Nation by Creative Mobile, the #1 most addicting drag racing app. (updated for v1.6) We do all the work tuning so you can enjoy more time winning.NEW CMS update system, means no more waiting for app updates to add tunes, we can instantly send you improved or new tunes directly from our servers so updates will happen more frequently.Most popular tunes will include instructional driving videos to help you hit the best times possible.Do you want to learn to tune like the Pros? Look no further, included is a complete how to tune guide with instructional video. Now you too can tune all your favorite cars on your own and get that satisfaction of knowing you did it!Offline and Career Bosses turn to easy mode when you use our tunes for Pro League.————————————————————Quarter Mile Pro Cars (updated for v1.6)Level 1 BMW 328is 12.286 World RecordLevel 2 Mazda RX-8 10.557Level 3 Pontiac GTO 9.953Level 4 Honda NSX-R 9.471Level 5 Dodge Charger SRT8 9.250Level 5 8C Competizione 9.281Level 6 Gallardo 8.732Level 7 Ford RS200 8.258Level 8 Murcielago LP 7.953Level 9 Ultimate Aero 7.739Level 10 SSC Tuatara 7.462Half Mile Pro CarsLevel 1 Clio Sport 19.620Level 2 Mazda RX-8 17.050Level 3 Mustang BOSS 15.804Level 4 SS Competition 14.722Level 4 BMW M3 14.799Level 5 BMW M5 14.263Level 6 AM One-77 13.454Level 6 Brabus SLS 13.551Level 7 Agera R 12.728Level 8 Agera R 11.930Level 9 Ultimate Aero 11.641Level 10 SSC Tuatara 11.045Quarter Mile Bonus TunesLevel 2 BMW 328is 10.679Level 3 Skyline GTR r34 10.049Level 4 Subara Impreza 9.497Level 4 SS Competition 9.498Level 4 Camaro SS 9.808 World RecordLevel 6 Novitec Rosso 8.741Level 7 Enzo Ferrari 8.428Level 9 9ff GT9-R 7.893Level 9 FXX Evoluzione 8.101Level 9 Venom GT 7.800Level 9 Tautara 7.760 World RecordLevel 10 Bugatti Veyron SS 7.669Level 10 Venom GT 7.526Half Mile Bonus TunesLevel 1 Dodge Challenger 19.781Level 7 Zonda R 12.836Level 8 Pagani Zonda R 12.235Level 10 Venom GT 11.209Career 1 Mile TunesLevel 6 AM One-77 21.030Level 6 Brabus SLS 21.743Level 7 Rosso 599 GTB 20.385Level 7 Agera R 20.015Level 7 Zonda R 20.338Level 8 Zonda R 19.087Level 9 Aero 18.120Level 9 Tuatara 18.760Level 9 FXX Evoluzione 19.150Level 10 Venom GT 17.550Level 10 9ff GT9-R 18.400

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