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This is the Free Version of Emergency Medicine Procedures*Note:*This version is limited in capability, and is intended to be a demo of the full version. You will only be able to view the Lumbar Puncture procedure in its entirety. For access to all the procedures, please download the full paid version of the app.—————–EM Procedures is a full-feature app dedicated to providing high-quality, reliable, curated content in emergency medicine. The app contains the ESSENTIAL CLINICAL INFORMATION to learn and perform the most common procedures in the emergency department. Features:1. Detailed equipment lists2. Indications, contraindications, complications, and helpful tips from experts on how to minimize and mitigate potential complications and perform these procedures with ease.3. Professionally illustrated step-by-step procedural walk-through, with high resolution images and text4. Full-length videos of each procedure being done on a live patient or a cadaver. This is THE ONLY APP AVAILABLE WHICH PROVIDES THIS LEVEL OF CONTENT.The content of this app was developed and reviewed by practicing Emergency Physicians, and was presented to the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) and Georgia College of Emergency Physicians (GCEP) in 2010 as a standardized procedure course developed FOR ED personnel BY EM Physicians. Procedures include:Lumbar PunctureOpen CricothyrotomyClosed CricothyrotomyIntraosseus AccessNeedle Thoracostomy ("needle decompression")Tube Thoracostomy ("chest tube")Direct Laryngoscopy ("intubation")IJ triple lumen catheterizationBag Valve Mask ventilationArthrocentesisFemoral Vein cordisBougieThis app was designed to be intuitive, simple, and user-friendly, specifically targeting the fast-pace environment of the ED or ICU. It is perfect for medical students and residents rotating through the emergency department as well as the practicing clinician who may feel inexperienced or simply would like a quick brush-up or teaching aid for a given procedure. This app is in active development, with more procedures will be added in coming releases.

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